“Arrifes” – Urban Operation

“Arrifes” Urban Operation in Azores – Portugal

It is an urban operation in the island of St. Miguel in Azores, in a 520 000 sqm terrain, located south of the Church of Miracles in Arrifes, Ponta Delgada. The project aimed to implement all the infrastructures necessary for land division and for the implementation of residential buildings and a set of public facilities, namely: school of vocational training, intergenerational multipurpose center, juvenile reeducation center, parish center, unit for local commerce, 40 single-family houses, green spaces like parks and squares. The proposed roadways allow an easy linkage with the existing road network, especially with the road axis near the Church of Miracle.




Arrifes, Ponta Delgada, Azores


Azores Regional Govern



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“Arrifes” – Urban Operation“Arrifes” – Urban Operation“Arrifes” – Urban Operation“Arrifes” – Urban Operation“Arrifes” – Urban Operation

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