About Us

About Us

Who we are

SprenPlan started its activity in 2004, in the city of Viana do Castelo, and is a company that provides services related to construction, namely consultancy, design / design and other construction support activities. Over the last few years, SprenPlan has developed projects of various sizes and characteristics. We have established a large number of partnerships and conquered more and more customers, which allowed us to expand our borders to international markets (such as European, African and others). All the work we have developed has allowed us to achieve professional skills that we consider to be a fundamental factor in the direction we have always pursued: "Our biggest project is the constant search for professional and personal fulfillment based on the satisfaction of our customers and partners" .

About Us About Us

The SprenPlan team is looking for new challenges in which it can implement rigor and consistency, develop projects and ideas that can be bold and ambitious as well as realistic and versatile.

The future

The growing demand from customers leads to a continuous commitment to the continuous improvement of the company's productive and organizational processes. Therefore, SprenPlan is committed to the innovation of its projects. The introduction of BIM at the project level is something that is ongoing and implemented, and it is a bet for the future in the interaction with architecture teams. We understand that the quality-price dichotomy is very important for today's customers, so we intend to remain at the forefront to guarantee and fulfill our customers' expectations.

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