Thermal Park of Melgaço has opened

The Thermal Park Melgaço has opened last spring. It’s a construction in which Sprenplan was responsible by the engineering projects. It was made a significant rehabilitation of a historic building, original constructed in 1909 and which is regarded as a building of public interest. The ancient building has now the necessary comfort to a modern tourism complex.

SprenPlan implements BIM (Building Information Modelling) tools

SprenPlan is implementing a strategy based on designing with BIM (Building Information Modelling).
With these tools is intended to be able to communicate more effectively with design and construction partners. BIM allows visualization of the building design in 3D, reduces errors and omissions by creating quality documentation in a coordinated manner, quickly and effectively, from the BIM model.
This set of tools facilitates and reduces the execution time of the project, freeing up time for creativity and experimentation for finding the best solutions.

PENA AVENTURA PARK – Innovative Project

Pena Park, one of the largest enterprises of tourist activities in Portugal, located in Ribeira de Pena will develop an investment in new activities and innovative solutions for tourist entertainment.
The project has an investment of about 5 million euros and it was approved by SI Innovation - PROVERE AQUANATUR. The SprenPlan will ensure engineering services and NML will ensure the strategic development of the project (architectural, business plan and financial incentives).

SprenPlan will participate in the 2nd Congress Luso-African of sustainable steel construction

SprenPlan will participate in the 2nd Congress Luso-African of sustainable steel construction. The sessions of the congress, as well as the technical exhibition will take place at the University Eduardo Mondlane, on July 19, 2013. The 2nd Congress Luso-African of sustainable steel construction aims to disseminate the latest innovations in this type of construction and the main directions of research in this field. Also is intended to disclose important works carried out in Africa, presenting the best there is on this continent, as well as the work done by Portuguese companies.