“Quinta Casaldronho” Hotel


Work Location: 
Valdigem - Lamego - Portugal
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Construction Cost: 
Aprox.: 2.000.000,00€.
Developed Task: 
For construction project (engineering)
Work Status: 
Concluded (2014)
This is a Hotel located on the hillside of the Douro River (“Alto Douro Vinhateiro” classified by UNESCO World Heritage Site). The site has inadequate access to materials and equipment for the construction, therefore special construction solutions were taken. The building is exclusively for the hotel and it has the particularity of having a swimming pool and garden in the roof floor. It was designed using “green” solutions such as treatment of natural water collected from mines and artesian wells, implementation of a micro-ecological wastewater treatment system, adoption of 20 solar panels system and also photovoltaic system, energetic centralized management associated with home automation that allows to control spending in real time as well as the implementation of energy control procedures such as adjusting the lighting levels according to needs.