“Ponte da Baia” WWTP


Work Location: 
Amarante - Portugal
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Construction Cost: 
Developed Task: 
Engineering projects (civil works,, hydraulic, infrastructures)
Work Status: 
Construction almost concluded
The Ponte da Baia Wastewater Treatment Plant is a facility prepared to receive all the sewage produced both by residential buildings and industrial facilities of the surrounding area, and it was designed to treat the sewage of an equivalent population of 45.000 people, expected for the future year of 2033. At the end of all the process, the treated water is delivered in to the nearby “Tâmega” river. The facility is composed by 18 different buildings and tanks which are connected by a complex mesh of piping and infrastructure that allows completing the whole treatment procedures. During the design it was taken into account the ecological and sustainable problems, so it was considered, besides the sun panels, equipment that allowed the production of electricity with the gas resultant of the treatment process.