Riverside Routes and Footbridge – Viana do Castelo – Portugal


Work Location: 
Cais de Recreio – Viana do Castelo
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Developed Task: 
Civil works projects and mechanical engineering projects
Work Status: 
In the reformulation the riverside area of the city of Viana do Castelo, there were provided new routes and pedestrian areas. One of the courses that were intended to enhance was the area just across the river “Lima”. In order to ensure a more careful approach between the city and its river, it was decided to create a pedestrian route that even passed over the river, situation that was assured by the construction of a bridge. Since the course passes in front of the Atlantic Marina, the bridge should not only allow the passage of pedestrians but also of sailboats, thus the bridge was provided to have an horizontal movement, and it opens whenever a sailing boat needs to dock. Its excellent location, led to the an attempt to create a harmony between the bridge, the harbor, the “Lima” river and the centenarian EIFFEL bridge existing nearby. As a result the moveable footbridge was designed and built with a geometry which reminds us of a sailing boat.