Nautical Centre of Paddle


Work Location: 
City park - Viana do Castelo
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All engineering projects
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This building is located in the old facilities of the “berets factory”, with a floor area of approximately 2500 m2, divided into three key areas: • The first area (that expands the existing building) is for the storage for about 60 paddle boats, paddle tank for learning and ergometers. • In the ground floor of the building, occupying an area of 625m2 for the work of the athletes is another area distributed as follows: bar, gym, massage room and locker rooms. • The third area is in the first floor is for administrative activities. Innovative solutions were implemented such as facades and roofs in GRC (glass reinforced concrete) panels, alveolar slabs with 14 m spans without intermediate supports, hangar with a precast concrete structure which enables a broad zone of 46.50mx21.00 (without intermediate columns).